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Value Adding Propositions

We offer value with a niche-focus on an industry or target market. We help our clients see things clearly, figure out where they want to be, advise them on how best to get there, engage them on their customer wants and leaving our clients feeling reassure about moving forward into implementation

Metason Consutling

Improving your company’s ability to innovate is the most effective way to increase profitability and growth. Getting Information Management right is essential to business success, but achieving this is difficult. Without careful management, innovation in business technology can produce excessively complex and expensive systems. Yet reducing complexity, by adopting a ‘one size fits all’ approach, can create technology that fails to respond business needs. At Metason Consulting, we have been leaders in managing technology and innovation since our foundation in 1986.

Whether your company is in a fast moving, rapidly growing sector, or in a mature industry with limited avenues for growth, Metason Consulting can help you. Our holistic approach to creative and sustainable strategy development will let you design a future for your company that is highly ambitious and achievable. Our experience and industry expertise will ensure you use the right tools for the job.

We uniquely positioned to solve our clients’ most complex business issues and deliver sustainable solutions. With our ability to maximize operational efficiencies, unlock growth potential, and empower transformative change, we partner with clients to reduce overall operating costs and invest in business growth. Our deep industry insight and technology expertise distinguishes us from other consultancy firms. We are proud of our creative people and their commitment to our clients. Our team has a unique blend of industry and consulting experience, which provides pragmatic solutions to complex issues while leveraging industry best practices.

Strategic Capabilities

Business Consulting

We help our clients craft and deliver a strategy and roadmap to align business processes, people and technology with business objectives. We conduct assessments, produce studies and assist time and resource-constrained executives to shape and communicate their visions for innovation, operational excellence and cost effectiveness through RFP/RFI preparation,  business cases or business plans.

Technology Consulting

Our approach is digital by default. We proactively and holistically enables our clients’ enterprise responses to disruptive forces by identifying and analysing the execution of change toward desired business vision and outcomes. We deliver value by presenting business and IT leaders with signature-ready recommendations for adjusting policies and programmes to achieve target business outcomes that capitalise on relevant business disruptions.

Healthcare Consulting

We provide health sector consultancy, programme management and policy advice, asking the right questions and bringing new ideas and ways of thinking to deliver projects, small or large. We are adaptable and have the flexibility to deal with changing conditions in even the most challenging environments. We work with our clients and partners to build sustainable and effective improvements in health and social care.

How can we help​ ?

Your organisation link strategy, innovation  and technology to exploit your firm’s existing strengths and develop new customer capabilities.