Technology Consulting 

We work with the organizations to provide collaborative solutions to their business and IT challenges with innovative ideas that are embraced by their customers. Our team professionals consultants around the world leverage deep industry knowledge across a number of verticals including: healthcare, retail, consumer goods and insurance to deliver robust digital solutions in key areas of client growth.

Metason Consulting combines both extensive real world experience and technical expertise, to drive successful outcomes for clients. We help reduce the complexity of IT across the organization, focusing on business productivity, cost efficiency, high service availability, and strategy to enable our clients to get the most value from their technology investments. Our approach is digital by default we link strategy, innovation & technology to help our clients exploit their existing strengths and develop new capabilities by combining our experience and innovative.

Business Technology Capabilities Alignment

We work with our clients to create technology strategies that enable them to define new business and target operating models to maximize value and manage complex changes within organisations and their sectors.

Digital Transformation Capabilities Alignment

Smart business leaders recognise the power that digital can have on their organisation’s fortunes, allowing them to empower their employees, optimise their operations, transform their products and better engage their customers.We enables our clients to create engaging and consistent digital experiences across every touch-point, providing new opportunities for growth. 

Enterprise Architecture Capabilities Alignment

We enables our clients to  maintain business agility in a continuum of  changing technologies and business environment. Our approach to Enterprise Architecture enables our clients stay current with emerging technology platforms and be able to harness new opportunities.

Portfolio Management Capabilities

Enterprises must evolve rapidly to stay competitive in our modern, fast-paced world. This puts a strain on IT and can lead to a chaotic mix of workload-specific hardware platforms and shadow IT that is costly, difficult to manage and high-risk. At Metason Consulting we work with you to manage your most demanding IT programmes so you are able to better engage with your costumers. 

Cloud Enablement Capabilities

 We enables our clients to accelerate their business with cloud. Cloud is a catalyst for IT transformation, providing the flexibility to combine your preferred clouds and existing on-premises infrastructure in the ratio best suited for your workloads. We advise them on cloud solutions simplicity, security, governance and control to support your IT and business goals.

Data and Analytics Capabilities Alignment

The explosion of big data is revolutionising business. Big data flows through your business every day. It’s an asset you already own, but it’s meaningless until enriched and brought into focus.We enable our clients to make better business decisions, challenge your assumptions. Turn information into insight with our latest cloud, big data and predictive analytics solutions.

How can we help​ ?

Your organisation link strategy, innovation  and technology to exploit your firm’s existing strengths and develop new customer capabilities.